DiSC Personality Profile: Which style fits you?

What’s DiSC?

DiSC is a personal assessment survey that helps you better understand your personality. This is used to improve your work, collaborate with colleagues, and help your communication skills with others. Knowing your communication style will help you adapt to diffident types of situations and behaviors.shutterstock_150555248-us


High D’s are extremely motivated and enjoy challenges. A person with a D style will take action and be the person within a group who is proactive. They heavily value exact results and appreciate freedom.

People who have a dominant personality have difficulty showing patience or displaying sensitivity at times. While communicating in groups, D’s tend to take control of the conversation by getting to the bottom line quickly. They’re brief and tend to focus on solutions rather than discussing problems.


People with the I style value friendship and happiness. Their goals are to be popular, have authority, and win in style. Their outside appearance is very important to them. They struggle with researching all the facts, being direct, and staying focused for long periods of time. ‘Influencers’ prefer to ask questions and focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative. They don’t like to be interrupted.


People who are an S are motivated by cooperation and working with others in a team environment. These people can be afraid of change because they like their routine. If you’re a high S, you’re predictable, supportive, and indecisive. These people are often sensitive and accommodating to others. Their goals consist of group acceptance, keeping things fair, and making strides in their personal life.


If you’re a high C, you tend to work with precision accuracy and efficiency. They’re very hard workers and like to challenge the status quo. They tend to make quick decisions and participate in social events. C’s don’t like emotional language during conversations and prefer to stick to facts and details. They could be described as perfectionists or objective thinkers.


Which personality trait do you identify with the most? Motivated? Optimistic? Predictable? Efficient? Vote here!


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