How to have a successful first date

First dates are tough. Most people are a little shy and aren’t sure about what to say. There are several tips that can help you when going on a first date. Online dating now provides all the background information you’d ever want. However, it all changes when you’re meeting that person face-to-face.FB TW first date blog

Look like you want to be there

Online dating has made people feel cynical about their chances of meeting someone. There are so many options available and now, people are going on more dates than ever. It’s important to be excited and smile when you first meet your date. If you’re tired or eager to get the check, the date will probably not go well.

Don’t drink too much

Most first dates take place at bars or restaurants. If you’re picking the place, it’s important that you select a public place that is quiet. Based on your date’s online profile, you should be able to see if they’re a drinker or not. It’s important to pace yourself if you’re consuming alcohol. If you know that you tend to drink more when you’re nervous, only have one drink. It’s never fun to be on a date with someone who is completely drunk.

Be honest with your date

Don’t lie to your date. If you’re thinking about embellishing a story or making something up about yourself, don’t! Your date should like you for the person you are, not the person you think they want. Lying will always come back to bite you in the long run.

What happens if you tell a small lie on your first date and you continue dating that person? You’ll have to keep up that lie forever! With so many social media channels, you’ll eventually get caught and it will be extremely embarrassing for you. It’s simple. Just be yourself!

Look good

Wearing nice clothes for your date is always a good idea. It’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. In addition, where you decide to go should inform your outfit for that evening. If you can’t afford the type of clothes that are being worn in that place, you should probably pick a different spot to meet. Go somewhere you can afford!

Once again, it’s simple. Just be yourself!

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